Sulphate Removal Technology

IES have developed and patented a technology for sulphate removal from wastewater. The technology 

was researched and successfully developed, having received a DTI Grant for Research and Development funding award from One North East.

The technology was successfully tried at the Royal Mint and a full scale plant at Rimex Metals (UK) Ltd. The technology is recognised as best available technology and is included as an emerging technology in the European Commission brief.

Benefits of Sulphate Technology include:

  • Single stage settlement and dewatering
  • Process does not suffer from limescale
  • Possibility the filter cake can be re-used/recycled
  • Wide range of contaminants removed in addition to sulphate – heavy metals, phosphate and chemical oxygen demand
  • Possibility of re-using the water using reverse osmosis. The membranes won’t foul/scale due to the quality of the water produced by the precipitation reaction
  • Process is applicable to a wide range of industries and effluents

Client Experience:

Rimex Metals (UK) Ltd produce surface finishes on stainless steel and other metals.

"The system from IES solved the problem of sulphates in our effluent. This has allowed Rimex Metals to discharge to sewer meeting our consent to discharge and saving the cost of external tankers. "

Tim Childs, Managing Director
Rimex Metals (UK) Ltd

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