Wastewater Treatment in the Food Processing Sector

Wastewater Treatment in the Food Processing Sector

If you work within the food processing industry, one of your main concerns is likely to be reducing the amount of waste water you produce. Cutting down on the amount of waste you produce is extremely cost effective. However, it isn’t just the amount of waste you need to focus on. You also need to look at the wastewater treatment you’re using to determine whether it is working as efficiently as it should.

The importance of effective treatment

There are many different wastewater treatment products available on the market. However, not all of them are designed with the food processing industry in mind. When choosing a treatment, be sure you’re opting for one that’s specifically designed for the type of food waste you are creating. Failure to use an adequate treatment could result in legal action being taken against you. It is extremely important to ensure the waste is properly treated so it doesn’t cause damage to the environment.

One way to ensure you’re using the best quality treatment is to hire a reliable, well-known company. Integrated Effluent Solutions is known to provide some of the highest quality waste water treatment products in the UK. It also provides support and training if needed.

Reducing the amount of wastewater

There are ways you can reduce the amount of effluent waste created by your company. It doesn’t matter how big your production plant is, there are simple, effective ways to minimise the amount of waste your plant is creating.

One of the main things you can do is clean the vessels after each use. Making sure the plant is clean will prevent a build-up of waste. You can also change your production procedures so that less waste is created. Adding spillage trays is a good example.

There is also a number of wastewater treatment products that have been developed to reduce the amount of wastewater created. They can also reduce the amount of contaminants within the water. You could even invest in separation technologies which aim to separate materials and solids from the wastewater before it is eliminated from the premises.

Seeking professional help

It is highly recommended that you seek professional help with your wastewater treatment. Each waste water treatment plant requires a different type of treatment to effectively eliminate waste. Integrated Effluent Solutions even provides a pilot plant trial. This basically helps you to determine what type of plant you need and what treatment is most effective. It can help you to identify whether any changes need to be made and you can even recover the cost of the pilot plant if you decide to go ahead and buy a new plant.

Overall it is extremely important to ensure you are treating and removing your food processing waste water efficiently. You need to focus on more than just cost reduction when thinking about reducing the amount of waste your company creates. Hiring a professional to carry out an inspection of your current plant will help you to determine what changes need to be made.