Why Safe Wastewater Treatment is Essential to Your Business

Why Safe Wastewater Treatment is Essential to Your Business

Wastewater treatment is a vital part of any industrial business. Get it wrong and you could face a financial penalty in terms of a fine from the regulatory authorities or increased operating or disposal costs. There are a lot of rules and regulations you need to follow in order to ensure your wastewater is adequately treated. If you’re unsure as to what these regulations are then now is the time to find out more. Your local Water Authority can advise you of your responsibilities.

What effect can waste water have if it isn’t treated?

If you were to simply discharge wastewater from your business without treating it, a number of issues would arise. All wastewater contains chemicals that can be really damaging to the environment.

If you didn’t treat your wastewater properly, it could have a number of negative consequences on your business. Not only would you face a potentially big fine, but you’d also damage your business reputation. These days more people than ever before are worried about environmental issues. Global warming has made people want to do their part to lower carbon emissions and make the world a greener place. Therefore if they discover your business is damaging the environment, they will likely stop using your services.

It can potentially ruin your business if you don’t take proper precautions. So, ensuring you are using the best wastewater treatment is essential.

Ensuring your business doesn’t suffer

The number one way to ensure you are dealing with your wastewater correctly is to get your treatment plant assessed. Integrated Effluent Solutions can carry out a thorough assessment to see whether the plant is working as efficiently as possible. We have experience maintaining and creating all kinds of different wastewater treatment plants, and a lab where we can carry out chemical trails on sample effluent to ensure you stay within your consent to discharge  We can also provide a pilot plant trial which works to provide the best wastewater solutions to fit your company’s needs.

Using the highest quality effluent treatment systems will ensure the wastewater is as clean as it can be before it is released into the environment. The type of treatment needed will depend upon the type of wastewater you’re dealing with. For example, do you have a heavy metal removal plant? If so you’ll require specialist heavy metal removal solutions.

Overall if you want to stay in business and provide the best, efficient service, taking care of your wastewater is an essential goal. If you don’t currently have a wastewater treatment plan in place, contact IES to arrange a consultation. We will help you determine the right solutions to fit your individual business.