Understanding the Difference between Domestic and Industrial Wastewater Plants

- 3rd December 2014 -

Effluent waste is treated a lot differently to domestic waste and there are various reasons why. Read below to find out more and see which wastewater treatment solution you need


Understanding Wastewater Management

- 21st November 2014 -

Without adequate treatment, your company’s waste water can cause a lot of damage to the environment. Professional wastewater treatment companies such as Integrated Effluent Solutions, offer an expert maintenance service. 


Understanding the Industrial Effluent Treatment Process

- 19th November 2014 -

Do you know how your waste water treatment system works? Choosing the right industrial wastewater treatment will ensure you are running the plant as cost effectively as possible.A good way to determine what type of wastewater treatment you need is to make use of the pilot plant trial supplied by IES. 


The Importance of Monitoring your Wastewater Treatment

- 3rd November 2014 -

There are various environmental regulations you need to follow to prevent any contamination problems from wastewater treatment, and not doing so could lead to serious negative consequences both for the environment and from the law.


How to Ensure You Are Using Adequate Wastewater Treatment

- 24th October 2014 -

When was the last time you assessed your wastewater treatment plan? You need to make sure you are treating the wastewater efficiently before it enters the sewage system.


Wastewater Treatment in the Food Processing Sector

- 13th October 2014 -

Each waste water treatment plant requires a different type of treatment to effectively eliminate waste. One way to ensure you’re using the best quality treatment is to hire a reliable, well-known company. Integrated Effluent Solutions is known to provide some of the highest quality waste water treatment products in the UK. 


Top Changes You Can Make Today to Improve Your Industrial Waste Water Treatment

- 9th October 2014 -

Inadequate effluent wastewater treatment can land your company in hot water with the authorities. There are numerous regulations you have to follow when you work within an industrial sector. Making sure your wastewater treatment is sufficient is just one important factor you need to take care of.


Going Green: Making Your Industrial Wastewater Treatment Safer

- 1st October 2014 -

Are you looking to do your part for the environment? If you work within the industrial sector, wastewater is one thing you need to be on top of. There are many different types of industrial wastewater treatment plants out there. Why not take part in the pilot plant trial offered by IES today? 


Why Safe Wastewater Treatment is Essential to Your Business

- 26th September 2014 -

There are many rules and regulations you need to follow to make sure your wastewater is adequately treated, here you will find out the effect your wastewater can have if not treated properly.


Cardboard and Paper Producers: What Are Your Waste Water Treatment Responsibilities?

- 15th September 2014 -

Did you know that cardboard and paper waste can cause significant pollution to the environment? When you think about cardboard and paper waste, it’s easy to assume it’s harmless. After all, how much damage can paper do? Well you might just be surprised!


Establishing your Wastewater Treatment Needs

- 9th September 2014 -

Setting up a business is hard work; particularly if you’re starting up an industrial business. There are all kinds of things you need to ensure are in place such as an effective wastewater treatment plant. What you might not know if you’re just starting out is there are a number of legal requirements you need to meet when setting up a plant. There are also a few different types available. Below you’ll discover everything you need to know about choosing the right one for your business.


Wastewater Treatment: A Simple Guide to how it affects Your Business

- 1st September 2014 -

Do you pay much attention to your company’s wastewater treatment? Many industries rely heavily upon wastewater management to ensure they are meeting environmental guidelines. If you don’t make sure you’re effluent treatment plant is working sufficiently, it could have serious consequences on your business.


Understanding an Effluent Treatment Plant

- 25th August 2014 -

Many types of businesses legally require an effluent treatment plant to operate their business. If you’re just starting up an industrial business, it’s a good idea to hire a consultant who will tell you exactly which type of plant you need. 


Sulphate Removal from Waste Waters: Why It Shouldn't Be Ignored

- 17th August 2014 -

Sulphate is a common chemical found in waste water plants. It’s also commonly found in drinking water. In terms of waste water, it’s important to eliminate sulphate due to the effect it can have on the environment.


Hiring Professionals to Take Care of Your Wastewater Chemicals

- 1st August 2014 -

Even if you have a modern, state of the art waste water treatment plant, it still needs to be maintained. Hiring a professional to take care of the wastewater chemicals is essential to your business. Below you’ll discover why you need professional help and the benefits it provides to your company.


Waste Water Management: Staying On Top Of It In 2014

- 3rd July 2014 -

When you work in an industrial sector, waste water management becomes an important consideration. IES has a range of technologies to fit the needs of all effluent water treatment plants.


5 Benefits - Industrial Wastewater Treatment

- 11th June 2014 -

When you work in an industrial setting, one thing you need to pay attention to is wastewater management. There are many advantages that come with industrial wastewater treatment.


Top Tips on Searching for Effective Effluent Treatment Solutions

- 10th June 2014 -

Choosing the right effluent treatment solutions for your business is essential. You have a legal obligation to ensure your waste water is handled in the correct way.


Top 3 Reasons to Maintain the Quality of Your Waste Water

- 6th June 2014 -

Homes and businesses have an equal responsibility to ensure their waste water systems are running efficiently. There are many reasons why maintaining the quality of your company’s waste water is important.


Integrated Effluent Solutions Sponsor Rugby Cup Winners

- 22nd April 2014 -

Demonstrating their commitment to the local community, Integrated Effluent Solutions are proud to sponsor Gosforth Academy Rugby Team.