Laboratory Facility

At IES we work with our clients to provide a solution to meet their needs. After their requirements are established and an initial effluent sample is analysed, we work from first principles to eliminate the problem and carry out treatability trails.

We have invested heavily in our laboratory facility with the addition of state of the art ion chromatography and voltammetry for trace analysis of metals and other contaminants. This allows analysis down to parts per billion. Also on hand we have portable test kits for plant trials.

We have a team of chemically qualified personnel that has been expanded with the addition of an experienced graduate chemist and a laboratory technician. Alongside we sponsor a pHD student at Northumbria University who is working on further development of our sulphate technology.

Our laboratory can offer effluent evaluation with treatment options, analysis only of any water or chemical sample for anions (F, Cl, Br, SO42−,PO43−), metals (Zn, Pb, Cu, Co, Ni, Cd, Fe, Sn, Cr) and COD, as well as more unique projects based around IC or voltammetry.

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