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The Royal Mint

IES has been working with The Royal Mint since 2005, during this time we have carried out several products including:

  • Investigation into the causes of scaling problems in effluent
  • Reduction in the quantity of filter cake produced when treating nickel rinse water by using a metal precipitant (Epofloc L1-R) to aid in the removal of nickel rather than the traditional method of co-precipitation with iron
  • Investigation into the feasibility of diverting all the site effluent into the sewer
  • Upgrade of the caustic dosing system on the sewer effluent plant using auto-clean pH and digital dosing
  • Pilot plant trials on the Sulphate removal technology
  • Production of a generic specification for the new effluent plant
  • Appointment as consultant for the process engineering for the new effluent plant
  • Awarded contracts for the supply of the clarifiers and the ultrasonic reactors for the new effluent plant
  • Use of reverse osmosis to recycle effluent as demineralised water
For further information please get in touch with us on
0191 580 5377 or email us at info@effluentsolutions.co.uk and we'll be more than happy to help.

"IES have provided The Royal Mint with a number of technical solutions to challenges encountered within our effluent treatment system. This has allowed us to refine our effluent treatment processes to make them more efficient and cost effective. IES is a forward looking company who provide state-of-the-art techniques that allow process optimisation whilst delivering environmentally sympathetic results."

Steve Clode
Senior Technical Leader
The Royal Mint